Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Services

Pigging Services

Our in Line Inspection tools offer simple solutions to complex problems.

Light weight, low friction, high collapse inspection tools

From Pre-ILI Go NoGo and new construction baseline inspections, to complete deformation inspection with mapping,ProForce has you covered for all your pipeline geometry inspection needs.



- Direct Wall Contact Geometry Sensors
- Built on Robust RS-Caliper platform
- IMU Mapping capable

Our deformation inspection tools combine the effectiveness of conventional deformation tools with the unique and robust Caliper system. On-The-Wall geometry measurement in ultra long pipeline transporting low-viscosity products such as NGL and Gasoline. An optional pipeline mapping is also available with RS-Deformation
- High Reliablity
- 35% Collapsibility
- 1.5D Back to Back bends
- Zero Mobilization fees

Whether your wanting to perform a Pre-ILI Go NoGo inspection or you're wanting a component inventory on a pipeline you've no data on or performing a base line survey, Caliper is the solution