Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Services

Guided Wave 

Guided Wave Ultrasonics
Guided Wave testing is method of NDT for evaluation of corrosion damage and other defects in elongated structures, such as pipelines and buried pipe. The method employs mechanical stress waves that propagate along an elongated structure while guided by its boundaries. This allows the waves to travel a long distance with little loss in energy.

​Guided wave ultrasonic testing detects corrosion damage and other defects over long 10 ft – 200 ft distances in piping. A special tool (transducer ring) is clamped around the pipe and transmits guided waves in both directions along the pipe. Reflected signals from defects and pipe features such as welds are received by the transducer ring and sent to the main unit.
·       Buried pipe
·       Insulated pipe up to 900 degrees F.
·       Buried anchor rods
·       Boiler tubes
·       Road and rail crossings
·       Underwater piping

·       Inspection of 100% of pipe/rod volume
·       Rapid identification of corrosion damage in buried or covered structures
·       Ability to detect corrosion and other defects
·       Monitoring for corrosion over time
·       Collect corrosion data at difficult to access areas
·       Portable equipment
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